Free Medical Support

The project aims to improve health and hygiene situation of the poor community members and their families through providing a few health care services to them with mothers and children as focus groups with a view to enabling them to improve their socio-economic condition by means of having better participation in different development programmes. The specific objectives can be summarized as below:

  • To improve overall health condition of the targeted population
  • To increase awareness on health, hygiene and WatSan
  • To reduce maternal and child mortality rates in the target locations

Project Activities
The following components implemented under the project:

  • Raised health awareness through awareness sessions
  • Provided diagnosis services
  • Provided treatment services
  • Distributed essential medicines free of cost
  • Organized vaccination program for children

Targeted Population

  • Ultra-poor families and marginal families
  • Families rendered vulnerable by disasters
  • Poor women, children, orphans
  • Pregnant and  lactating mothers

Implementation Mechanism
The following implementation mechanism followed to implement the project:

  • Project Implementation Team at the office level
  • Provided orientation of project team members
  • Conducted baseline survey
  • Confirmed existing locations
  • Ensured presence of peoples representatives and local elites at the project launching ceremonies
  • Publicized the news of the events in the area
  • Provided health awareness services
  • Provided treatment services
  • Provided free medicine
  • Collected feed back from different sources (project team, parents/guardians/other stakeholders etc)
  • Hold project coordination meeting periodically (weekly/monthly/quarterly etc.) and review progress of work and condition of the targets
  • Prepared progress and completion reports on the basis of periodical activity reports, feedback, other documents like photographs, videos, case studies and so on
  • Maintained all documents like hard copies and reports, photos etc as well as soft copies in DVDs, documentaries etc.
  • Did all other necessary activities.

This implementation mechanism is neither exhaustive nor rigid rather, based on this, policy of whatever needed and whenever needed followed for proper implementation of the project.

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