COVID-19 Relief and Response

This is an unprecedented time for the people of the world. Corona Outbreak is now a big concern of the world and Bangladesh is also into this. As the circumstances developed, the poor people who were living on their daily wages have got the hardest hit on their livelihood. We from Help and Knowledge is planning to stand beside this group of people who suffers beyond imagine with this corona spread and for the lock down of the cities. Our noble effort would focus to help ensure the poor and extreme poor people effected by the Corona virus do not starve in hunger during the lock down. Please stay with this people. Now it is the time to work together for mankind.
Shoily Foundation thought about the underprivileged people will be befitted to your noble donation would be low-income and middle-income people.
Shoily Foundation plans to distribute among them (for one week one family) are:

  1.  A Food Baskets (Rice 5 kg, Pulses 1 kg, Oil 1 litter, Sugar 2 kg, Salt 1 kg, Potato 3 kg, Shop 3 pcs)
  2. Personal Protective equipment PPE (Washable) (for virus aerosols and daily useable protective gown)

This Total Package (including administrative cost) will be 2000 BDT/25 USD
Shoily Foundation team also distribute a corona awareness leaflet depicting all important measures need to followed by individual and communities including hand wash process.
Shoily Foundation team would like to assure you that our teams will be out there to help the needy people with your generous contribution and donations.

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