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Child Sponsorship

Child Sponsorship

Bangladesh being has been experiencing various natural and artificial calamities for last four decades from 1971 to 2011 including war of liberation in 1971, famine in 1973-75, cyclone and tidal surge in 1970, 1991, and 2007, devastating flood in 1988, 1998, and 2004, frequent drought, river erosion, tornado and so on. Various social tribulations like terrorism, dower, rape, acid throwing, and drug addiction have just added fuel to the flame. Consequently, children in general and especially orphan girls and boys in Bangladesh have become deprived and victims of such types of calamities. Orphans found to be one of the most vulnerable backward sections of the society and are generally considered as burdens to their widow mothers.

The plights of poor and needy orphan girls and boys know no bounds. Orphan boys and girls are helpless every way: no father, no responsible guardian, no education, no assurance of food, clothing, and shelter, and as such, no future. This project sought to reduce this unwanted condition of the poor orphan girls and boys by providing some supports to cover their educational, clothing, food, and health care costs and helped them get out of their plights and build a definite future of their lives. This project has served as an assurance of benefit for the totally helpless targeted orphan boys and girls.

The specific objectives of the orphan care project are:

  1. To provide financial support to targeted orphan boys and girls in the form of a fixed monthly allowance/donation/stipend.
  2. To create an opportunity for proper food, clothing, and health care for the target orphan girls and boys.
  3. To create an opportunity for the proper education of the orphan girls and boys belonging to the very poor families.
  4. To monitor the condition of the targeted population through home/institution visits and encourage them to grow properly.
  5. To conduct awareness sessions with different stakeholder groups and create community awareness regarding the community’s responsibility towards backward sections of the society, more specifically the responsibility towards the orphan children.
  6. To motivate the orphans into education for child labor reduction besides mobilizing other stakeholders.
  7. To meet the targets for the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The MDGs were born from the Millennium Declaration. The second point of the Declaration calls on the world’s leaders to recognize their duty to the vulnerable “and, in particular, to the children of the world, to whom the future belongs.

The projected orphans will be brought up and educated under the direct supervision of Shoily Foundation management in such a way so that they can be a real human being representing themselves as a model of society, at the same time they can succeed in professional life (i.e. they can be a University Lecturer, Physician, Engineer, Pilot, Lawyer, Army Officer, etc.). The following impact will be reached by the project period

  1. The children will be enthusiastic in class and # of children will position at the best level as per their merit
  2. It will be reduced dropped out of the students
  3. It will increase the nutritional status of the children
  4. Mental health of the children will be increased, and the children will feel the optimistic perception
  5. The youth will feel themselves as deserved candidates in the job market and will be engaged in decent jobs.
  6. Enjoyment of better lives will be increased
  7. Reducing child labor
  8. Arising social awareness among communities about child abuse
  9. keeping mothers of orphans out of worry from the unwanted situation

Shoily Foundation duly considered it to cover boy and girl orphans as far as possible under the project.

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