Shoily foundation offers a fellowship/scholarship program where it considers all those young people who are studying STEM, creative, brilliant, dreamers and fighting hard to reach their destination/dream.

Implementation Strategy: The project methodology has been developed based on the existing strengths of Shoily Foundation Scholarship Scheme in the area. Shoily Foundation has performed the following specific core activities under the project:

Selection process of the applicants: The process of prospective students is done through paid Inquiry Officer and the Coordinators. The on-ground economic condition of the applicant is verified and recorded on the prescribed format. During verification the Inquiry Officer interviews some of the reliable persons of that locality to inquire the actual position of the applicant.

Disbursement of the Scholarship: The scholarship amount is disbursed to all the selected students quarterly through their bank accounts or through money order.

Role of Shoily Foundation Scholarship Scheme

Shoily Foundation Scholarship Scheme’s role includes but is not limited to the following:

  • STEM educated students have been selected on the basis of their merit in the board examination conducted under the govenrment.
  • Out of the meritorious student, poor students have got priority for scholarship and equal quota to be ensured for the male & female students.
  • Identification of talented deserving students by verification/inquiry;
  • Not discriminated among any student or area on the basis of gender, race, creed,
  • religion or any reason;
  • Arranged incurred exceeded amount from the allocated grant on the project by its own;
  • Oversee all the matters regarding implementation;
  • Disbursed of scholarships to respective students;
  • Provided the implementation report after the successful completion of the project with the expense report;

Program Evaluation

There is a proper Shoily Foundation monitoring and evaluation mechanism for the program. The board of directors monitored each and every activity of the project at different levels. The board has different committees to monitor the project activities; the detail of these committees is given bellow:

  • Finance Committee
  • Human Resources Committee
  • Scholarship

Approval and Implementation Committee These committees arranged different meetings in order to ensure the proper implementation of the project activities according to the plan. Finance committee ensures monthly audit of the income and expenditures at the end of each month.

Quarterly Review Meeting

At the same time Shoily Foundation arranged quarterly review meeting after three months to review the progress and implementation of the project. All the board members and Program Manager participates in this meeting. The Program Manager presented the progress of the project. Heads of the respective committees shared their views in this meeting about the implementation and progress of the project. In this meeting the board also reviewed the budget and its utilization according to implementation plan and financial policy of the Shoily Foundation. The Program Manager shared the plan of upcoming activities and projected requirement of the resources for the planned activities. The Board reviewed the upcoming activities and after consultation finalized the activities and projected resources.

Project Monitoring & Evaluation

  • Shoily Foundation responsible to submit detailed profile of the needy students to be supported through this project to
  • IRC’s contribution has been highlighted in all implementation/performance reports;
  • A final report encompassing overall performance of the project submitted after the completion of the project
  • H&K is responsible to submit an academic progress reports


The scholarship provided mainly among the meritorious young students of Grade 8, 9 & 10. The students must have adhered to the terms of conditions of HAK to get the scholarships on continuous basis. They have to pass the moral knowledge test bi-monthly conducted by Shoily Foundation management.

Many deprived children/students are existing around us who cannot fulfill their dreams in want of a little cooperation! Instead of restricting the scholarship only for the meritorious student, Shoily foundation offers a fellowship/scholarship program where it considers all those young people who are creative, brilliant, dreamers and fighting hard to reach their destination/dream. This financial support will not only confined in the student but also creative people, sports talent and so on. We do seek out brilliant individuals who have managed to do very well in either an academic institution or non-academic platform even though they are facing harsh realities and impoverished living standards around. In selection procedure, all applicant will go through a one to one interview and will be evaluated by Shoily foundation selection board. Eligible candidate will be selected to receive a certain amount of money every month to cover part of their monthly expenses on a yearly basis. Besides, we will keep in touch with selected candidate and will come forward with our helping hand wherever the candidate will face a struggling barrier to reach their goal.

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