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Rehabilitation Program

Rehabilitation Program

in order to have easy access to different Income Generating Activities (IGAs) skills such as small business and jobs. Adult learning is all about to enhance the professional skill of underrated people. We facilitate life skills development, capacity building, skill training etc. These activities have carried out the strength Achievements during Reporting Period Software Training (Provided basic computer, graphics, training for unemployed youth & school teachers) Besides organizational sustainability we are ensuring some project level factors which are-
  • Honest & efficient leadership and management;
  • Local resource mobilization for continuation;
  • Integration and dissemination of good practices;
  • Community mobilization;
Implementation Mechanism In this project, we go through the project in different directions as we segregated the project in distinctive criteria with expert facilitator in respected areas. We tried to implement skill based training for targeted groups of men and women and enhanced their capability by basic computer application training. And we conducted to installed tube wells to ensure women empowerment, safe water, sanitation, for targeted deprived men / women.

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