Quality Education for Children

In Dhaka, Bangladesh, there are a lot of slum children and youths live in extremely poor conditions. They are far beyond to reach their basic right of child education. Rather, they are living themselves on working outside at such early age and even, bearing the expenses of their parents. In addition, they are also poor in health as their parents and they are illiterate on this. Therefore, the life of street children in Bangladesh is full of uncertainty. Thus, it is very important to make this issue come forward.

Importantly, An official study of Appropriate Resources for Improving Street Children Environment (ARISE) says more than 1 million street children live in Bangladesh of whom 75% live only in Dhaka city. Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies (BIDS), 2014 report says that about 240,000 street children live in Dhaka city and the annual growth rate of street children is about 9%. Street children lack the rights to food, clothes, education, health, and protection.

On behalf of Shoily foundation, we are appealing for fundraising for a project based on above reason. Shoily foundation has recently been planned to implementing Basic Education including Nutritional Food Support to 200 street children in Dhaka, specifically covered in Dhanmondi lake, Ramnapark, Kawranbazar and Rayerbazar slum, entitling the project as “Basic Education for Street Children with Nutrition supplies” for this year as a pilot project. We also plan to provide those admitted children with some financial support so as to they do not need to go to work at this adolescent period which will also an obstacle to receive education properly.

The project plans include set up one small school renting a place nearby Rayerbazar slum, Dhaka to ensure quality literacy, numeracy, moral education, psychosocial support, recreation and merge them into mainstream and vocational education.

Shoily foundation finally will ensure basic education, clothes, hygiene kits and nutritional food support for a street child during this time. If you wish to be a part of this movement, please donate for Bangladeshi street children toward Shoily foundation. If will be very difficult for us to accomplish this project without your support.

Process flow:
(1) Set up school by renting a place for 1 year nearby Rayerbazar Slum.
(2) Buying the school stuffs for 1 classroom and 1 teachers room. It should have 1 teacher and 1 staff.

Finally, we need to: (1) Set up school by renting a place for 1 year nearby Rayerbazar Slum. (2) Buy the school stuff for 1 classroom and 1 teachers room. It should have 1 teacher and 1 staff.

Our team: Shoily foundation volunteer, who believe in the value of education, love children and generously support us physically will run this project.

Together we can open the door to a better life for the children and youth in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

More Information:
– Place: Rayerbazar Slum, Dhaka, Bangladesh
– Begin: 16 December 2021