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Get Involved

1. Be a Member/Volunteer to help us!

Shoily Foundation’ always welcomes responsible and talented people who want to lend their time and skills to help realize revolution, who believe in ‘thoughts turn live’ and who help make ‘Shoily foundation’ a success. Your role at ‘Shoily foundation’ will allow you to prove if you are a doer and a challenger. So, if you think you can become an important part of the team, then fill out the following respective forms or Contact form.

 2. Spread our mission!
  • Share our website with friends and family.
  • Like and share our Facebook.
  • Tell your loved ones about us — word of mouth is important!
3. Donate to one of our programs!

4. Join Shoily Foundation team!
  • General Member: An eligible person can apply for the General Membership to the Governing Body. This membership requires a onetime, non-refundable application fee of $360 (membership fee), then $100/yr.
  • Patron: A Patron is an honorable donor of the organization and their contribution will be recognized in every publication/event of Shoily Foundation. Patrons can be individuals or businesses. They are treated as VIPs for annual events/programs we host. Please contact us via email.
  • Registered Volunteer: A Registered Volunteer supports annual events and helps increase internet/social media presence. This membership requires a $20/year donation.
  • Advertisement: Support us by placing an advertisement in our magazine, “Annual Report” or become a sponsor for our program.