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We reached our goal! Thanks a bunch everyone for helping us to reach out our goal of raising $2401.00 (roughly 0.15 million BDT) after asking for a support! Please DON’T send any more donation to me since we here officially closed this fundraising from our side. We cannot thank you all enough for putting a tremendous amount of trust in me in raising such amount in only “FOUR” days.

So far we have not been updating with all the transaction procedures to all of you, Henceforth we here want to be very transparent about the whole operation at this point:

1. The full amount of money (minus associated fee charged by Paypal/Facebook) raised through this facebook campaign will go directly to “Allama Vai” via “SUSTIAN Canada” Association. We will transfer the whole amount of money to SUSTIAN Canada as soon as I will receive those from Facebook and PayPal (Facebook usually takes 5/6 business days to deposit the money). Additionally, We want to clarify that no money is transferred to any other account at this point and everything is handled via facebook/Paypal/Interac—they are on the way to be sent in a few instalments of the funding we raised.

2. Beside FB, we have also raised a small amount of money through our paypal account (and unofficially through Interac E-transfer gateway on behalf of Shoily Foundation). I am posting the screenshot of my fundraised here just to be extremely transparent about it (blurred last name of donors, respecting their privacy). We raised an additional via paypal and Interaction E-transfer gateway and all of these are mostly from our close friends circle.

To sum up: so far we have raised $2401.00. And we cannot thank you all enough for helping us in our journey to provide donation during the early phase, when basically many of my friends have not got details information about Allama Vai treatment from me.

Update of Allama Vai:
We contacted with Allama Vai recently, and below is what he replied to us:
“I have got the visa of Thailand and I have booked flight on 29 January. I am planning to take the first four cycle of chemo+immunotherapy from Bangkok and the rest of 14 immunotherapies from Dhaka. I will inform you updates of my treatment. Please pray for me and stay safe and well with your family members”.

The Challenge:
In 2012, while Our elder brother Allama Vai, the former students of sixth batch of Physics department, SUST, was diagnosed with the chest X-ray, it was found to be a complicated problem inside Allama Vai’s chest which is capable of playing an amazingly beautiful flute. The name of the problem is Thiamoma. Between 2012 and 2017, two very complex surgical procedures were performed in Tata Hospital in India. They had to cut down his large part of the lungs, diaphragm. The surgery was very complex, and there was no guarantee of survival. Allama vai returned – due to the grace of the almighty, due to the supplication of loved ones and his incredible hardness. But the problem did not leave him still.

Over the past two years, Significant diagnostic procedures had been performed, and it is found that his problem is not just Thaioma, but also ThaiMoric Carcinoma. A medical treatment has been made for this complex disease under the overall supervision of Dr. Virat Lassunronsiri of the Oncology Department of the Samitivedge Hospital, Bangkok. The only way to cure this combination of chemotherapy and immunotherapy is the only way to treat him. The treatment for one year is very addictive – only Rs. 60 lakhs for the required medicines. The cost incurred is not less than Tk 75 lakhs.

How we collected the money:
Some have pointed out that facebook charges no platform fee on personal fundraisers, but 2.60% + 0.30 CAD of each donation will cover third-party payment processing fees. While this is the lowest in the industry, we would love the Allama Vai to get 100% of the money. So the alternatives were: 1. Interac E-transfer gateway. 2. Paypal via Shoily foundation (we will make sure 100% of the money goes to the Allama Vai) after the paypal charges.

Facebook payment details:
Total Raised: $2234.94
Fees and refunds: -$76.08
Amount received: $2159.34

Amount received via Paypal and Interac: $178.6

Total: $2159.34 (Facebook) + $178.6 (Paypal + Interac) + $64 = $2401 CAD

Last but not the least:
We are humbled by all of you and your excellent generosity!
Yes, together we can make it, otherwise not!

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