We, the team of Shoily foundation, moved ahead to rescue the Savar victim tragedy in Savar, Dhaka with collaboration with Khati-gorib FB group, and served the necessary and immediate medicine, fire-fighters products and equipment whenever it needed declared by govt rescue team.

We served the following emergency items to the rescue spot on the following days (29th April 2013) of building collapse:

Lots of emergency Oxygen Spray, Sufficient Food, Mineral water, Juice, Torch light, Emergency medicines such as Inj. Seftriaxon, Inj. Ketorolac, Inj. Omeprazole, Inj. TT, Inj. TIG, IV Saline, IV Hartman Solution, Thread Silk. These cost 55,326.16 taka in total. In addition, our team supported and cooperated the main rescue body jointly in the premises.

The relief efforts have been rapidly overwhelmed, with stocks of food, temporary shelter kits and other supplies running very low.

Our teams are on the ground in Bangladesh.