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Mist drops on green field and the symphony of dry leaves remind us that it is winter, yap its winter. It may be very enjoyable for some people but the scenario is not the analogous for everyone. A large number of people who lives under the poverty line and to them; the touch of distress due to extreme cold is more than the touch of this beauty of nature. They usually getting tired due to fighting with their very hard practical life and financial condition. In the north region of Bangladesh, the percentage of poverty-striken people live below the poverty line is quite high. their existence can also be found in our capital. Many of them are child and aged. These day labor, shelter-less people suffer in silence from extreme cold. They cannot afford to buy winter clothes to keep them warm.

To give them some warm care: two energetic and cooperative members of “shoily foundation” (a non-profit organization) in association with twelve generous young men took initiative to distribute winter cloth among the very under-privileged people/rural people of village named “Harindhora” under “Kulkandi” union at Islampur in Jamalpur district in collaboration with all shoily bloggers. They distributed about 200 pcs blanket among them. due to less opportunities, the economic condition of the north zone in our country has already becoming to be collapse. Many of them are workless. Buying warm clothes is nothing but luxury for these penniless people. so they become very happier and pleasure for this kind of help which can decrease their misery at least a little bit.

Program title: “Spreading warm love to under-privileged people”
Organizer: Shoily Foundation team.
Collaborator: Shoily bloggers, all generous people.
Media partner:
Distribution premise: village: “Harindhora”, “Kulkandi” union, Islampur in Jamalpur district.

Item distributed: Blanket, and warm love.
Date and time: 16 January, 2015, Time: 3 pm.

Project Manager: Salehin Nirbhoy.
Photographer: S. M. Rahin.
Reporters: Mahsin Kakon, Kamal Hasan, Md. Mahon.
Medical corner management: Moniruzzaman Ripon, Faruk Hussain Apurbo
Transparency assurance: Md. Rounukul Islam
Volunteers: Merajul Islam, Rakib Hasan

Management: Md. Jahangir Alam, Soarowar Hussain
Doctor: Dr. Morshedul Haque, medical officer, Upozella health Complex, Islampur, Jamalpur

Dhaka representative: Salehin Nirbhoy, ph: +88-01199770105, Email:
Jamalpur representative: Rajonyo Ruhani, Ph: +88-01914072020, Email:
Shoily Foundation:

This effort of Shoily foundation members is to spread the warmth and caring of humanity among those in need. All the members of Shoily foundation are also would like to give heart-felt thanks to those people who give them splendid support by mentally, economically and socially to make their such kind of humanity activities more successful and mobilize. They also hope that this kind of support will remain continue to inspire them for go ahead.

People live in society belonging to upper and middle class like ours may fulfill our maximum wish want and desire. But people belonging to lower and very lower class are struggling to keep their body and soul together. They are left with no choice other than waiting for the mercy of Almighty Allah. We do many things and also expecting some thing as a return but till in the world, we have lot of duty to be done which may not give us any economic return but they help us to achieve mental satisfaction and also teach us the definition of humanity.

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