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Shoily foundation extended their full support for the victims of Savar high rise building disaster. More than 1000 people have died and more than 600 others been injured in this tragedy. “Rana Plaza”, the eight-storey building collapsed on 24th April 2013 morning. An urgent treatment fund was distributed to Savar victim, Hridoy Ahmed on June 2013 by Shoily foundation. He did not receive enough donation for his emergency treatment from govt. Under this circumstances, he was needy for money urgently during that time.

We, the Shoily foundation team, stood beside him and his family and support financially to meet his needs. He was severely wounded while Rana plaza was collapsed and thus needed proper treatment thoroughly.

We advised him to ask us again if any emergency need arrives at his door anytime.

-This project was led by the Shoily foundation member, Md. Tofazzol, and his team.

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