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“I used to cover all of my educational expenses working in a tea-stall, now I achieved the opportunity to study at a renown university. Nowadays, I am experiencing a hard time to earn money to cover all my essential expenses. I often attend the university with starving these days”.

-Stated by Arun who was selected for Shoily-Bright Scholarship Program (SBSP) Award this year. The picture shows Arun Chandra dey (Left) and Munira Ferdous Nahin (right).

Arun appeared at HSC program in 2015 from “Borolekha Govt. College”. Now he has been studying in undergrad at Shahjalal University of Science and Technology at the Department of “Public Administration”. He born in such family where all the members of the family have no right to pursue the study together. Some are allowed, the rest should go for doing something to earn. There are six members of his family, including one brother and two sisters and his parents. The remaining of his family members lives in their hometown. The family is now financially being struggled by the only-incomer, his father who worked in a grocery store with a limited-income. Prior to getting admission to the university, Arun used to work in a tea-stall in his village and covered all his expenses besides his family expenditure. Now he could not continue that job as he is now a full-time student in the university and no available time to run that occupation. He often leaves for university with starving these days, thus. He even fights for buying his essential study materials. Nevertheless, he does not have any complaint about his lives., rather a lot of dreams are revolving around his mind always. Some people advised him to give up his studentship and take care of earning the money for his family. However, he did not move forward with these pieces of advice, instead, he is focusing his mind on his study with full swing.

It does not end here, Arun leaves for his village as soon as the university gets off for holiday. He spends his spare time on teaching poor students in his village with free of cost. Many students thus swoop on admitting themselves at Arun’s coaching center to grab the free education since they cant afford to hire a private tutor which is usually very expensive these days. By doing this, Arun attains a mental satisfaction, as well as an inspiration to do better work in future. His dream is to be an “Admin Cadre” at the end – which is his biggest dream for his life. Being an admin cadre, he wants to serve the poor people the rest of his life. As he could feel the distress of a poverty by his own life experience, he wishes to devote his life to them.

-This is the story of our “Arun! This is the story of our “Aruns”. We have lot more stories about him. Shoily foundation wishes to stay with such talented but needy students with all-about support. In reality, our point of view diverts while we keep in touch with those talents. It’s not we, rather those inspirational highly motivated and talented peoples, by pointing out their finger, are teaching us what is the meaning of life.

Munira Ferdous Nahin, who is respected sponsor of Arun, is committed to cover all the scholarship fund for Arun, for the session years of 2017-2018. Nahin finished her graduation from the University of Carleton in Ottawa, and now serving in a renown software company as a software engineer in the same city. We endlessly acknowledge Nahin for her generous support towards Arun. While we were searching for a sponsor, Nahin came forward to support him with full enthusiastic. She is having to cover all his scholarship fund for a year. Besides the financial support, Shoily foundation will also provide mental and higher education consultant for the candidate. Until the dream of all award winners is fulfilled, Shoily foundation will try its best to stick to them. We feel very happy, while we think how much contribution will be made with these small amounts of money. we thank all ‘present’ sponsors and ‘to-be’ sponsors for this year.

The Shoily foundation team member, who worked restlessly for this project, Dr. Porimal is also working in Sylhet Osmani Medical college and hospital as a medical officer. Besides, we remember all the great support and contribution coming from the assistant professor, Sanjay Krishna Biswas and Head of the Department of the Public Administrator. We greatly acknowledge them for their valuable time and all-out support.

Note that, this report including the pictures of Arun and his sponsor, Munira Ferdous Nahin is published as per their permission.

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