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Shoily team took an initiative to raise a fund more than $3k in 2012 from the regional Bangladeshi community across the world for the urgent rescue, emergency treatment and follow-up rehabilitation for the victims of Rana Plaza, an eight-story building that led to a massive collapse due to a crack. This tragedy occurred on April 24, 2013, resulted in the death of 1,127 people that primarily rooted from the negligence of workplace managers, lack of benefits and poor workplace conditions for the garment workers. Upon raising the money, the team formed two teams: “Immediate rescue team” and “Follow-up rehabilitation team”.

The financial committee of the team provided one-third of the raised amount of money to the rescue team to immediately save lives from the collapsed building with essential medicine and cutter tools during the rescue period and rest amount to the follow-up rehabilitation team. Some amount of rescue fund was used for post-treatment of some victims.

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