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Abdur Rashid (Vill: North Chokpara, Thana: Nalitabari, Dist.: Sherpur), who is a 45 years old, was working beside Rana Plaza, Savar, Dhaka in a tea store owned by himself during the incident day. His elder daughter, Rukhsana Akhtar Rony, Senior Operator of New Style Bottom, Rana Plaza, Savar, Dhaka and his Son-in-law, Amran Hossain, Supervisor of New Style Bottom, Rana Plaza, Savar, Dhaka were working at the Rana plaza and died immediately during the building collapse.

Regrettably, the dead body of his son-in-law was not found ever. Now their only son, Siyam (age: 4 years) is alive of this family. He is now bringing up under the supervision of his grand-father, Abdur rashid. Wife of Abdur Rashid, Anowara Begum (age: 35) is a house-wife. Abdur Rashid’s mother, Mazeda Khatun (age: 70) is also living with them. He has one other son, name Md. Rasel (13). After collapsed of tea-store, Abdur Rashid has nothing to do. Notably, he is the only person who can be able to run this family in this situation. Additionally, no financial support was stored from his inherent wealth.

According to Abdur, on 24th April, his daughter and son-in-law was working on the New style bottom garments at Raza plaza and suddenly he heard severe sounds around, while building collapsed within few seconds and he was trapped immediately due to broken of his owned tea-stall and consequently, he got hurt on his head all of a sudden. In the incident, no sooner had he could understand, the building was collapsing down to the ground. He discovered his head was severely fractured and following this, he performed a primary treatment at local medical.

Regarding his future plan, he seemed like he was well-experienced on three-wheeler or any other small scale vehicle business. Therefore, he planned it would be better for him if he could engaged on vehicle related business under this circumstance.

Later, Shoily foundation rehabilitation team assessed his reintegration plan as he was not willing to go back to his previous job as a tea stall worker. Rather, he wanted to start a business which is convenient as well as suitable for him in his own village. Accordingly, he was provided with two three-wheeler by the rehabilitation team of Shoily Foundation on November 23, 2013, as per his intention and our assessment. He was provided with two second-hand rickshaws because the cost of one new rickshaw is identical with the two used three-wheelers. And, he preferred to get two old rather than one new one.

He expressed his feelings on the govt cooperation on this disaster, he regretted he received only one lac BDT fund as his daughter dead body was recovered, however, he did not receive any kind of funding for his late son-in-law since his dead body could not be able to recovered. All the efforts and endeavor by govt. as well as the private sectors went to ruin to recover the dead body finally.

He intends to earn money by using those two Rickshaws that Shoily foundation provided him with. In a future plan, he wants to use the earning of those two vehicles to run his rest beloved family including all expenses of his grand-son Siyam.

Lastly, he showed his acknowledgment to Shoily foundation who cooperated and extended their helping hand towards them to initiate his start-up business in such a  needy time. He thanked the Shoily foundation members who showed up during that day.

His grand-son, Siyam were paid with some gift money (1,000 taka) from Shoily foundation team to buy necessary stuffs and gift, since his parents no more to provide any gift in the coming life. This gift money brought a smile on their faces quickly.

Worth noting, we will keep him in our touch and will try to cooperate him on the post-rehabilitation as well.

-This project is led by Shoily foundation members, Salehin Yazuz Nirbhoy and Rajonyo Ruhani.

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