Shoily Foundation works to improve the lives of thousand of people experiencing illiteracy in times of emergencies and for the long term. It builds and maximizes community assets to develop strong local education and awareness to the communities, toward our ultimate vision of an end to illiteracy, injustice and human suffering.

Of the 6 crore people living in poverty, nearly 70 percent live in rural areas. Whether due to geographic isolation, political marginalization, neglect or other factors, the world’s rural poor face a myriad of challenges as they struggle to access basic services and build better lives for themselves and their families. With experience and expertise in rural settings, It addresses these issues and helps rural communities lift themselves out of poverty.

It works with local partners to provide local solutions that build on communities’ existing strengths. It strengthens community systems by encouraging active local participation and involvement, beginning with problem identification through solution ownership in the areas of assessment and action planning, governance and accountability, and operational and technical capacities.

It maximizes the impact of local partner organizations by jointly assessing their strengths and weaknesses and designing strategies for greater accountability, transparency and sustainability. Its approach, informed by decades of experience, tailors time and resource investments to partners’ needs and local operating environments.


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