Mr. Rangolal Purkayastho, father of a disabled child and living in Sylhet with his family for long years, has been suffering from serious cancer for long days. Doctors said he may not survive more than six months. In his personal life he is the father of one child and unfortunately, he was suffering from cerebral palsy, thus he spent almost all his savings for his cure and treatment. His son lives on the wheel-chair. Currently Mr. Rangolal taking a chiropractor in India. He was mentally broken while he heard this news. His wife was crying and worried about where to put her unhealthy boy. We can do whatever we have the ability.

Shoily Foundation came forward to support Mr. Rangolal and gave some financial back up for him. However, the raised amount still not enough, if any of you would like help, please let the shoily foundation know. Any amount would be highly appreciated.