Many deprived children/students are existing around us who cannot fulfill their dreams in want of a little cooperation! Instead of restricting the scholarship only for the meritorious student, Shoily foundation offers a fellowship/scholarship program where it considers all those young people who are creative, brilliant, dreamers and fighting hard to reach their destination/dream. This financial support will not only confined in the student but also creative people, sports talent and so on. We do seek out brilliant individuals who have managed to do very well in either an academic institution or non-academic platform even though they are facing harsh realities and impoverished living standards around. In selection procedure, all applicant will go through a one to one interview and will be evaluated by Shoily foundation selection board. Eligible candidate will be selected to receive a certain amount of money every month to cover part of their monthly expenses on a yearly basis. Besides, we will keep in touch with selected candidate and will come forward with our helping hand wherever the candidate will face a struggling barrier to reach their goal.

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