Shoily foundation has created lasting partnerships with local communities throughout the country. It helps vulnerable communities identify potential disaster risks, continually build response capacities before emergencies happen, meet immediate needs following emergencies, and move towards long-term recovery and economic development. It is committed to maintaining the highest standards in humanitarian response and works in-line with industry best practices, including the rehabilitation and rescue standards. It employs two Core Program approaches to design and implement context-appropriate, community-led and integrated programs that help communities respond to rehabilitation.

Shoily foundation recognizes that the greatest long term national challenge is fighting poverty. Poverty has assumed biblical proportions particularly in Bangladesh. Over 1/4 of Bangladesh’s population today lives below the poverty line or in the measurements of the statisticl bureau, they survive on less than one dollar a day. Shoily foundation is engaging in innovative programs and services to assist the poor overcome poverty with special focus across Bangladesh. Shoily foundation is uniquely placed to address the issue of poverty. Shoily foundation has expertise and an expansive network of contacts in Bangladesh. 

The recent projects that taken on this sector:

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