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We support for Education, Humanitarian and Emergency Relief.

Shoily Foundation is Federally Registered Not-for-profit organization. If you want to donate whatever you can, we will be glad to carry those amount toward needy people. To do that, please click below. Option 1: (Paypal Online – Accepts Credit Card/Debit Card, Paypal)
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Royal Bank Of Canada

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Option 5: (PayCheck)  Payee name: Shoily Foundation. Address: 276 Erb Street East, Waterloo, ON N2J 1N7, Canada. Memo: (Please write down your name and address so that we can send the tax receipt back to you at the year end). Option 6: (Paypal Barcode Scanning App) 

Scanning this link is like clicking your donate button. We use it for events, in-person fundraisers, and on printed materials.

Our Major Support

Our main goal is to empower our nation in education sector.

Child and Youth Empowerment

Education Support

Children and Youth Empowerment

Shoily Foundation helps people to improve their own lives by empowering Children and youth.
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Humanitarian and Rehabilitation

Be human to Slum Peoples

Humanitarian and Rehabilitation

Shoily Foundation helps people to improve their lives by Humanitarian and Rehabilitation support.
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Emergency Support

Emergency Support

Emergency Support

Shoily Foundation helps people to save their lives by providing Emergency support.
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